What is IT Global?

We, IT global provide a variety of HR recruitment solutions including recruitment of domestic and overseas personnel
and support for international students in partnership with universities and language colleges.

Based on the know-hows created through our extensive experiences in the ITbook holdings,
we offer efficient and highly qualified recruiting resources to a wide range of clients.

Case Sudy

Recruitment Process

Steps in the Hiring Process【Web Interview Available】

        Project recommend
          Job Apply
         Client Interview


Make a prosperous society utilizing IT Technology.

Message from the President of ITbook


IT is expected to become increasingly important in corporate management strategies in the future.
In recent years, IT-related technological progress has been remarkable, and new technologies such as IoT, cloud computing, big data, and tablet-type mobile terminals have not only provided IT service providers but also faced a period of a major transformation.

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Our Service

ITbook is developing various businesses in four business fields under the corporate philosophy of utilizing IT to realize a prosperous society. Utilizing that knowledge, we will provide optimal services according to the current situation and requests of customers.

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