What is IT Global?

We provide foreign human resources recruitment solutions using the website to companies operating mainly in the Japanese market.
Based on the know-how created through our abundant experience in the IT book group,
We provide recruiting resources efficiently, with high quality and to various client companies.

Case Sudy

Recruitment Process

Steps in the Hiring Process【Web Interview Available】

        Project recommend
          Job Apply
         Client Interview


Make a prosperous society utilizing IT Technology.

Message from the President of ITbook


IT is expected to become increasingly important in corporate management strategies in the future.
In recent years, IT-related technological progress has been remarkable, and new technologies such as IoT, cloud computing, big data, and tablet-type mobile terminals have not only provided IT service providers but also faced a period of a major transformation.

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Our Service

ITbook is developing various businesses in four business fields under the corporate philosophy of utilizing IT to realize a prosperous society. Utilizing that knowledge, we will provide optimal services according to the current situation and requests of customers.

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