What is IT Global

【Management Vision】


Produce diverse human resources who can be active globally.


Management Policy

  • Development of national staff who contribute to the region and the world
  • Acceptance of diverse values
  • Inheritance of traditional culture and creation of new value


Action Guideline

On the issue of resolving the shortage of Human Resources in Japan, we challenged to “produce diverse Human Resources that support management and business strategy execution and human resources who can respond promptly to environmental changes in business activities as opportunities.” Develop Human Resources who can work and play an active role not only in Japan but also globally.


Introduce and support foreign personnel as a registration support organization

Introduction Category

  1.  Specific skills 1 and 2
  2.  High-level human resources
  3.  Foreign student



  1.  Providing life guidance before entry
  2.  Securing foreigners’ housing
  3.  Conduct living orientation during residence
  4.  Support Japanese language learning for daily life in Japan
  5.  Dealing with consultations and complaints from foreigners
  6.  Support of various administrative procedures
  7.  Support new job searching when they leave from first work 


【The structure of the education that stuck to the immediate battle force】

By collaborating with overseas partners, you can also learn Japanese-level before you enter Japan.

We introduce high quality global human resources.


【Full support system after entry】

We provide multifaceted support, including life support.



Company Name
IT global Co., Ltd.

October 2017

50 Million Yen

Representative Director Chairman
Yutaka Onda 

ITbook HOlDINGS(100%)

5-7-8 Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Business Content

● Global human resources recruitment support

● Dispatch and introduction service for global human resources

● Global human resources education and training consulting

● Job offer service

● Cloud service operation

● Employment support for foreign workers

Recruitment information

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