What is a registration support organization?

Specific skill is a new status of residence introduced in April 2019. The employment of foreigners will be lifted in 14 industries in Japan where labor shortages will be worst. Since the 14 industries listed on the right include simple labor, it has been difficult for foreigners to hire.

There are two institutions in the system for specific skills: the organization that belongs to specific skills and the registration support organization. A specific skill affiliated organization is a company that employs foreign workers of a specific skill (accepting organization). Organizations with specific skills must support the foreigners with specific skills in the workplace, daily life and society.

There are cases where it is difficult for a company that employs foreign nationals of specific skills (institution belonging to specific skills) to provide assistance for foreigners of specific skills because it has specialized content.
A registration support organization is an organization entrusted to a specific skill affiliated organization to create and implement a support plan for foreigners of a specific skill.

However, even in these industries, the impact of the declining birthrate and aging population is extremely serious, and it is not possible to secure sufficient human resources in Japan. Therefore, the establishment of residence status that allows foreigners to work is considered. became. ITG has the image that specific skill affiliated organizations and registration support organizations have the following roles.

Image figure:-

How it will be done in the future

  • ● Support for switching to specific skills
  • ● Support as a registration support organization
  • ● Acceptance of human resources sent overseas
  • ● Build a sales system to introduce other branches (outside the Tokyo metropolitan area)