We IT Global Co., Ltd. are introducing human resources who are highly motivated to work in Japan in cooperation with sending organizations, universities and Japanese language schools in Asian countries. 

By utilizing foreign human resources that meet the needs of our customers, we will provide support for an environment where medium- to long-term career development is possible. Such as acquisition of residence status, Japanese language education, business manner and training.

We support our clients and foreign human resources so that everyone can live happily.

ー Management Policy ー

  • ■  Nurturing staff to contribute domestic regions and the abroad
  • ■ Acceptance of diverse values
  • ■ Succession of traditional culture and creation of new value

ー Mission ー

Supporting your business with global human resources through an Asian network

  • ■ Recruitment
  • ■ Education and Training
  • ■ Management consulting

Behavioral guidelines

Support management and business strategy execution in the domestic human resource shortage

Challenging “diversified human resources” and “creating human resources who can quickly respond to changes in the business environment as opportunities” and develop human resources who can act and play an active role not only in Japan but also globally.

Company Profile

Company Name ITGlobal Co., Ltd
Established Oct, 2017
Capital 50,000,000 Yen
Shareholders ITbook Co., Ltd 100%
Head Officer CEO Honda 饒
Director Hayasi Hiromi
Address Postal:100-0001 Toranomon 3chome-1-1 5F, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Branch Office ● Domestic Office
Akita Office:4-1 Higashidori Nakamachi, Akita City, Akita Prefecture Akita Center ALve
Shimba Office:1-13-1, Chuo Koujou, Shinyu City, Shinyu Prefecture
Kansai Office:4-2-11 Minamisenba, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka Prefecture JPR Shinsaibashi Building
Kumamoto Office:12-13 Chuoshinmachi, Amakusa City, Kumamoto Prefecture

● Abroad Office
Cambodia: Pung Pen / Siem Up
Veitnam: Ho Chi Minh City (Scheduled to open in Febraury next year)
Myanmar:Yangoon (Scheduled to open in April next year)
Indonesia:Jakarta (Scheduled to open next year)

Tel 03-4588-2597
※Plz check phon number before you dial.
Certificate paid job placement(13-U-309249)
Support Orgnization(19-000940)
Associate Company ITbook Co., Ltd
Higashi Kita ITbook Co., Ltd
藤枝ITbook Co., Ltd
Mirai Co., Ltd
ARS Co., Ltd 
Others 34 companies


Message from the President


Smile to society with the power of IT

During the Rewa era in Japan, we face severe labor shortages and aim to become a company that contributes to the importance of economic activities by supporting the acceptance of readily available foreign human resources.

On the other hand, with regard to the acceptance of foreign human resources, we need to examine the environment in which active foreign human resources can play an active role in Japan and build a society in which everyone can live happily. For that we need to learn a lot from the talents of foreigners who want to work in Japan, and use it to challenge the creation of new foreign HR businesses.

We create overseas HR business where job seekers and vacancies can coexist, and try to create values ​​that other companies cannot replicate.

We look forward to a new overseas HR business.

Director Hayasi Hiromi


Tokyo Head Office (Map)



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